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The Once-off Setup Fees.

Our advertising service includes relevant monthly reports that are available for your campaign. This report indicates the number of clicks to your website, as well as the number of times your advert was seen at the top of Google searches. Conversion tracking ensures campaign statistics (including email enquiries) are accurately measured and imported into AdWords.

As an additional complementary service, specific tips and feedback on your website will be offered from time to time, as deemed necessary. As your website can be seen as your “virtual office”, it is vital that it contains all relevant important information that will allow potential clients to easily interact with your website. It is important that your website makes it as easy as possible for online searchers to call or email you for further details on your services.

Monthly Management  Fee Table

To commence with your Google AdWords campaign research and setup, the once-off setup fee can be paid. Relevant information can be provided by email. Campaign setup takes take 7-10 working days.

Google Ads - Terms & Conditions

1. Phoenix Imprint Marketing adhere to a thirty (30) day written cancellation notice if The Company wishes to cancel the services offered from Phoenix Imprint Marketing

2. Google AdWords is a consistent monthly service. If the service will not be utilized for a certain period of time, a thirty (30) day written notice needs to be provided. This ensures that Phoenix Imprint Marketing does not optimize the campaign any further in that month and will avoid The Company being billed any additional management fees.

3. Billing and invoicing is arranged for the month ahead, and the monthly Google budget must be defined prior to the twenty-fifth (25th) day of the month. Payment can be made according to The Company’s schedule, either at the start or end of the month based on their preferred payment schedule – paying for the month ahead.

4. Phoenix Imprint Marketing is a monthly service that includes campaign updates and optimization. Campaigns are monitored closely for urgent updates requiring immediate effect. Any new specials, promotions or additional adjustments requested by The Company can be sent by email at any point in the month, with a seven (7) business day turnaround time.

5. According toPhoenix Imprint Marketing’s payment schedule, one payment may be made per week on working days. There should be at least 24 hours’ notice prior to a payment being made into The Company’s campaign. Payments made over the weekend may take 24 hours to reflect from working hours on Monday.

6. The Company’s website is their responsibility to maintain. Advice and suggestions may be given by Phoenix Imprint Marketing to improve campaign results. The lack of implementation of suggestions may adversely impact the campaign.Phoenix Imprint Marketing will not be held accountable for the potential effect on campaign performance. Phoenix Imprint Marketing aims to assist with website tips to improve campaign performance, but is not required to do so. This is an additional help to clients and will be done where possible.Phoenix Imprint Marketing works with designers that are able to make these adjustments without any glitches, and a free quotation can be provided to do this on behalf of The Company.

7. Due to the competitiveness of some keywords and phrases, on-going changes in search engine ranking algorithms, and other competitive factors, Phoenix Imprint Marketing does not guarantee #1 positions or consistent top ten (10) positions for any particular keyword, phrase, or search term.

8. Google has been known to hinder the rankings of new websites (or pages) until they have proven their viability to exist for more than six (6) months. This is referred to as the “Google Sandbox”. Phoenix Imprint Marketing assumes no liability for ranking, traffic or indexing issues related to Google Sandbox penalties.

9. Monthly reports detailing the campaign’s performance will be sent out on request of The Company within seven (7) business days.

10. Results achieved from an AdWords campaign is not guaranteed. This is due to various factors that fluctuate constantly. Conversions fluctuate and depend on both The Company’s website as well as their individual sales techniques.

11. PPC budgets can be amended as required. At least 48 hours’ notice should be provided by The Company to request adjustments to daily Google budget.

12. Management fees may be adjusted based on Google spend as per quotation. The Company may enquire about the management fee prior to adjusting their Google spend.

13. Any adjustments made to The Company’s website should be communicated to Phoenix Imprint Marketing urgently (on the same day changes are made if possible). This is The Company’s responsibility, particularly when redesigning their website, changing phone numbers on the site, if their website is down, or if page URL’s are being edited. These changes affect the campaign directly. 48 hours’ notice should be provided to adjust the campaign URL’s as required. Phoenix Imprint Marketing will not be held accountable for a drop-in results due to lack of communication in this regard.

14. Google campaigns may be negatively affected when pausing for more than a few days. For this reason, we highly recommend running the campaign consistently through the year including December/January months, even if doing so at a lower budget than usual. This is to maintain ad rank and prevent costs from escalating drastically. Any negative effects from pausing a campaign will not be attributed to Phoenix Imprint Marketing or their management of the campaign.

15. The AdWords account stays the property of Phoenix Imprint Marketing as well as any Intellectual Property related to AdWords. The initial setup fee covers the time spent researching and building the campaign for The Company. The Company may request to take over ownership of their campaign at a fee confirmed by Phoenix Imprint Marketing.

16. Phoenix Imprint Marketing reserves the right to utilize the success of the campaign(s) of The Company for its own future marketing.Phoenix Imprint Marketing shall, however, not disclose any personal information of The Company to any third party. All such personal information shall thus be treated in a strictly confidential manner.

17. Customer service is a priority, as is achieving best results for The Company. A meeting may be deemed necessary by Phoenix Imprint Marketing in the initial set up/maintenance process. Any additional meetings requested by the client that cannot be covered by email or phone call may result in a consultation fee of R350 per hour at the discretion of Phoenix Imprint Marketing. Transportation to/from The Company’s office will be charged additionally. Meetings at Phoenix Imprint Marketing’s premises or thereabouts will not have a transportation fee added. One Skype or telephonic meeting can be booked per month at no charge, at a time convenient for both parties. Additional meetings will be charged for..

18. Phoenix Imprint Marketing offers a professional service that includes the setup and optimization of AdWords online marketing campaigns. While we appreciate the input and feedback from clients on their industry, this knowledge will be applied to The Company’s campaign under advisement and may be accepted or declined based on our expertise. This will always be done in The Company’s best interests.

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