If you don’t have someone on board who can take care of website maintenance for you, then speak to us, Phoenix Imprint Marketing. We offer something called a website maintenance retainer, which is basically a monthly contract to take care of your website.

Don’t limit yourself to covering the basics, either. Use these retainers to your full advantage and have us as your marketing agency to design, marketing and any other issues as they arise.

This way you don’t sit there while users hit the back button when they could be converting instead. You also don’t wait until your website is falling apart at the seams before you decide to take action. Your site will be constantly improving to keep up with user demands and hitting maximum performance on a monthly basis.

Above all, this is the most cost-effective way to go about things. You only pay for what needs changing, when it’s needed, instead of forking out for expensive redesigns every few years. And, more importantly, you’re not letting valuable leads slip through your fingers every month when a simple design change could make all the difference.

View our Packages – https://phoeniximprint.co.za/web-maintenance/